Alex Jeffreys Reviews: Coaching Student Testimonials

Posted on: October 24, 2017
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Here are a few testimonials from current and past students of the Alex Jeffreys coaching program.

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Alex Jeffreys Video Testimonials

Alex Jeffreys Las Vegas Workshop 2.0

Alex Jeffreys Vegas Workshop 2009

Dean Holland

Paull Hamilton

Stephen Bray

Ross Carrel

Carl Barton

Alan J Kiel

Dan Briffa

Michael J Ottman

Jean Shaw

Sandra Rodrigues

Petra Rentrop

Harry Harris

Harry Crowder

Alex Jeffreys Reviews: Audio Testimonials

Ed Erickson

Sergio Zambrano

Robert Hollis

Crista Beck

Jim Paar

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Alex Jeffreys Reviews: More Student Testimonials

Wow- where do I start? Aside from all of the free traffic to my websites, and helping me get #1 ranking in Google for my keywords, the one-on-one interaction with Alex, and the community he has built with his coaching program has been the greatest impact for me to launch my own super product and website with other JV partners from the coaching group – I had my first $1500 day yesterday, and it feels great!

Adam Spiel


The value I received for the cost of the coaching class with Alex far exceeded my expectations. Last year, I was part of another group class where the price was many times what I paid to take place in this coaching program. The take-away benefits with that class were only a small fraction of what I learned from Alex. With Alex, the learning curve was steep, but well worth all the time and effort. I made many new friends, some of which I know will become strategic business partners. And, he was so much fun! Money Well Spent….



After getting involved with the Marketing With Alex program I have learned what it takes to plan and implement a successful digital product and internet marketing business. Since January I am averaging $1,000.00 weekly income and now make my full time living via internet marketing. Alex has given me some personal attention and pointers which I really appreciate. He also sent me a letter to use that he personally wrote for a solo email marketing campaign of mine. Thanks so much for all the added bonuses Alex. You keep giving your students a lot of added value and we appreciate that a lot! Sincerely,

Stephen James


With some prior Internet Marketing experience online I found myself lost and confused until I took Alex Jeffreys Coaching Program. It was worth my every penny, I’ve learned lots of new things that I was either afraid to try or just did not know of. Alex gave me the courage to go ahead as a Newbie in my Internet Marketing journey and I owe it all to him. He opened my eyes and gave me the start I was looking for to grow my future business.

Dagmar Sedlack


Alex’s integrity and straightforward, hype-free approach makes a refreshing change from the mainstream of IM dream-weaving and myth-peddling. The sound business-sense embodied in the `Marketing With Alex’ Coaching Program, which I was fortunate enough to join, has equipped his students for real, sustainable success online. As well as his extraordinarily perceptive insight and understanding, Alex’s enthusiasm, positivity, energy and focus are inspirational, and have been key elements in his own phenomenal success.

Many of his students – dubbed the “Fortunate 500” – have found this aspect of his video coaching to be life-changing, in that after sometimes years of pre-Alex floundering, they were able finally to take action and begin building products and businesses. On top of this, the coaching program itself has been truly excellent, both in quality and quantity. The curriculum has been imaginative, full of insight and wisdom, and the wealth of detailed inside information and valuable advice which Alex has passed on to his students has given us a terrific start in the world of online marketing.

James Woodfield


Alex Jeffreys is a wonderful coach. He really cares about his students. He held many question and answer video sessions and would stay on the line as long as it took. He also has a personality that is well suited for coaching. He is upbeat, he makes learning fun, but at all times it is all about the coaching and how can he best help you.

Patricia Lucey


Before I embarked upon the Marketing With Alex Coaching Programme, I had no idea how to even get a blog set up, let alone what to do with it and how to get people interested & visiting. Despite the hindrance of limited internet access (entirely my own problem), I have followed the modules and have got everything up and running. Not only that, but I have made some very good working relationships with some of the other students, and I feel that this will be of great benefit as we all start to branch out into our own specialisms.

Alex’s coaching programme took me by the hand and explained the business systems behind the scenes, which no-one else appears to offer. The information and knowledge that I have gained here is going to take me from being an employee to being my own boss, and living the lifestyle that I choose. Too many people just try to sell you a dream, and don’t actually explain the systems behind the product creation – Alex has blown all of that away with this course. I would argue that I have learned more useful information on this course than I have in my `official’ education. So big thanks to Alex!

Nikki Stephens


The Marketing With Alex Coaching Program was the very first time that I had seen a full Internet Marketing expose laid out in such detail. Most so-called “Gurus” only give a portion of the overall jigsaw puzzle. Alex Jeffreys went into a LOT of detail. So much so that some of the Webinars went for 5 to 7 hours. But he was enjoying himself and so were we. The interactive video sessions were very good as were the guest speakers. Overall I rate it very highly and I recommend that people wanting to know more about the intricacies of Internet Marketing should follow what Alex Jeffreys does and LEARN. Leave your ego at home (I know that is tough) and open your mind to some new ideas.

The other thing that I have found super helpful is the willingness of so many of the key students to help one another out. We all bring special skills “to the table” and we have all shared with each other. There has been a great propensity to help each other out. That has been the BEST “bonus” of the lot.

Gary Simpson


Most of what I learned in Alex’s coaching program, I was already aware of or learned elsewhere. But… before the program I did not have any website or web presence at all to speak of! I am grateful and thankful to Alex for being the catalyst to get me started in taking action and getting started. This is really the toughest part! Thank you Alex!

Dr. Lenny Sugerman


Well I am not there yet, but Alex definitely gave me the stepping stones and the enthusiasm I needed! He is truly an inspirational mentor and gives and gives till every question has been answered, or his voice gives out. I believe choosing him to be my mentor was the best choice I’ve ever made. He always makes you think you are the most important thing to him, even while he is building his own business. I truly believe he will succeed and become a millionaire and definitely shine in “2009”. And I hope after I go through the course again, I will begin my journey with the same end results! Alex you really are the best!! Thank you.

Glenda Kuylman


Alex taught a great deal of information, much of which I did not know existed – all of which makes perfect sense, as I can see that big companies, such as Macy’s and Victoria’s Secret use all the time to market online. I still have a lot to learn, but Alex opened up my eyes and started me off in the right direction!

Jim Kowalczyk


Alex is always so willing to deliver not only what he set out to do, but goes above and beyond that in so many ways. I fully
recommend this course to anyone who wants to learn how to build their list and to grow their own business online.

Hilary Dickinson


If I have to pick the #1, most important thing I learned, it was to treat this venture like a real business and that without a plan, I can’t go anywhere. Thanks Alex!

Rovaal Rotemon


Alex Jeffreys is one of the cleverest marketers I know. His coaching program not only gave a head start to his students but brought his name to the attention of thousands of people who might never otherwise have heard of him. It was self-promotion in an unselfish way, as no-one can ever accuse him of under-delivering. Alex gave 110% and has to be commended for his energy and enthusiasm.

Jean Shaw


Through Alex’s coaching course I have been able to create a joint venture that has lead to the offline aspect of my online business being launched on 5th May, 2009. During this developmental stage Alex’s course has provided me with the opportunity to build wonderful relationships and to also gain exposure for my online business.


Before utilizing Alex’s coaching program, my business was literally non-existent. I spent over 14 months searching for next best money generating machine and never managed to capitalize on anything I found out there on the internet. This is until I accidentally or luckily stumbled upon Alex’s coaching program. He was quick to point out that my understanding of internet marketing was flawed. He then proceeded to explain to me where I went wrong and the steps I had to take to build a proper business. It only took 3 weeks for Alex to guide me through the process of correctly building the foundation for my business (blog, ultimate profit building platform, traffic generation skills, sale funnel, list building, affiliate programs and email marketing skills). Now, my business is set to take off into whatever niche or direction I want to take it.

This kind of knowledge is worth every penny to me personally and I am more than satisfied. Alex has not created a thing of perfection, which is impossible, yet more than makes up for it by over delivering himself and therefore giving you more than you expect. So watch out for surprise lessons, videos, guests, and other resources because they will be around every corner. Anyone that is still undecided or skeptical about this program can rest assured that this program is build like a rock and is hosted by an equally solid coach that has been in the trenches with many other successful internet marketers. During the coaching program he was willing to answer every single person live even if it took an extra 2 hours to do. His ability to sacrifice sleep to uphold the integrity of the program is a mark of someone that actually cares about his business and the people that paid to be a part of it. Thank You Alex,

Serge Krasnay


When I started with Alex I had spent some time studying online marketing. With Alex I learned to focus, as I quickly gained trust in his methods and faith in his desire to help me attain my goals. Alex gave me the belief that I could make money online, and I know that is of vital importance. I used his mantra, `take massive action’, so I set about writing my first ebook and getting it professionally designed. Alex’s presence in the background gave me the power to finish the book, create a super funnel, and get it launched online. I was able to detach from all the other distractions that I received daily from online marketers. I have no hesitation in stating that it would probably have been impossible for me to make this progress in this time period and indeed may never have made it at all. I am indebted to Alex and his support staff for their help and inspiration to me in this endeavour. It would not be an overstatement to say that as well as providing me with knowledge, I received the inspiration necessary to make my ambition a reality.

gerry savage


Alex man your coaching was absolutely mind blowing! During the interactive video sessions I can’t count the number of people that said they had spent thousands on previous coaching programs and got nothing. I was given not only the lon, but also the confidence that the action I was taught by you to take was the right action. g overdue kick up the butt I needed to take action. As usual you over delivered and I learnt a great deal but most of all Alex, you were always honest with us about what success online entails…. Thank you

Alison Appiah


I am honour and happy to be in your Coaching Program. I must say that it has been a wonderful experience and I have learned a lot about online business. I have just started with the giveaway event thing this month and so far I have about 100 opt-ins of subscribers in my funnel.

Alex did a tremendous job of presenting a complete internet marketing system with training. I wish I had his training and marketing system ten years ago. You hit the ground running with Alex’s training and easy profit pulling system. You can not ask for anything better. Thanks Alex

David Armbruster


Alex works really hard for the people on his coaching program. I may be his slowest student, but he has got me started and given me the directions I need. You can be sure of this: If you are stuck on the road to success, Alex Jeffreys will give you a lift. Thanks Alex!

Mat Gallaugher


I liked you right away Alex, which makes it easier to follow you. You are a good coach, motivating and encouraging. The best thing you said repeatedly was, I’m not going to leave anyone behind, I will keep working with you.” That is very motivating. Although I found your pace a bit too fast, the material was excellent and I learned so much … I re-watched the lessons. That’s another thing about you Alex, you are very in tune with the students, posting the video sessions was very important to me and I’m sure many others who needed more time to absorb the information.

Petra Rentrop


Before starting the Marketing With Alex Coaching Program I had been trying to earn online for over 18 months. I lacked direction and was trapped in the information overload syndrome. I had spent thousands of dollars on various products that promised an income, but none of them delivered. With Alex as my mentor, he taught me the importance of planning and structuring my business for growth. As a result of the Marketing With Alex Coaching Program, I learned how to drive traffic, the importance of having your own product and the fact it is essential to get things going even if they aren’t totally right at the time. I am now in the process of writing my first ebook, creating a digital product and moving forward. If it weren’t for me joining the Marketing With Alex Coaching Program, I would still be going in circles trying to find a starting point. I now have my starting point, I’ve set my goals, I have a structure in place for my business and I know where I’m going. Thank you Alex for showing me the way!

Dean Hohn


Alex Coaching Program helped me to establish my online presence. When I joined the coaching program I did not have any website, blog or customer list. After 2 months and several modules I had my blog up and running, attracting a traffic rush and my own website with the finished product to sell. Within 2 months I have made $1500 dollars out of the website that Alex provided. But there is one more thing that for me is more important than the sales I have mentioned above. I have managed to build a super list of 700 subscribers which for me is simply unbelievable. Now I am building a relationship with this buyer list and people from my list are starting to ask me for advice.

Gordan Bosnjak


Alex, I just want to thank you so much for doing what it takes to help us students earn a living online. I actually made $594 in a 24 hour period from affiliates sales. I never thought that would happen to me. I appreciate all of your passion and hard work that you put into the Marketing With Alex Coaching Program. Now I have the knowledge and tools to succeed in internet marketing thanks to you.

Mark Luciano


Alex, The coaching program not only over delivered with a great series of killer modules, high quality guests and surprise after surprise, but it really helped me focus to get my own product out there! Thanks bro!!!

Jerry Holliday


Priceless! … thought it was a REALLY GOOD coaching. Even more valuable is the leverage having personal access to Alex Jeffreys


When it comes down to hitting home with the essentials, Alex Jeffreys coaching program is clear and concise. He focuses entirely on the resuts driven path to success, and has helped me form my online business from absolutely nothing to where it is today. I achieved over 100 opt in subscribers from my first giveaway alone and also reached a couple thousand Twitter followers in just 6 weeks!

Paul Moore


Working with Alex has helped me focus more on my business planning. His coaching techniques have directed me to implement better strategies in my online work to improve my subscriber base and content delivery. I highly recommend you learn from Alex!

Paul Klein


I can truly say that Alex can teach you about internet marketing…He definitely over delivers for what you pay for!!! After several months of trying and buying numerous products, I finally hit the jackpot with Alex..He got me focused and most of all organized to start a business.. I highly recommend mentoring with Alex and you will be on your way to starting your own business!!

Lea Burke


The Marketing With Alex Coaching Program helped me to understand the various aspects of Internet Marketing. The work done during the program helped me to gain the skills needed to feel confident working in any area of internet business I might choose to pursue.

Ken Garrett


Alex is so sincere he makes you want to be the best you can be. He is so honest about the material and himself that you just want to leap mountains for him His course is set up in a logical manner so you feel you can accomplish each part he is trying to teach you; then you look up after just a few short weeks and you have a business. Look, Maw, no hands. He works day and night for the students, gives bonuses and money prizes, has terrific guests and you know his students are always in his mind and heart. He wants so much for himself and us, and it really shows. I’m from the USA, so his accent is just adorable. Good course, good price and good friend. Thank you Alex.



Since becoming a member of Alex’s coaching program I have learned the importance of planning and setting goals. By following his techniques I have increased my productivity by at least 300%. He has shown me how to treat my Internet marketing as a business and how important it is to build a list. Since joining his coaching program I have added over 1500 subscribers to my list using methods that he taught me. I have also learned how to build a relationship with those subscribers so that I can monetize my list. More than anything, Alex has given me the direction and motivation that I needed to take action. I just published my first ebook and am about to host my own JV Giveaway. I have even more big plans for this year thanks to Alex.

JT Martin


Before Alex Jeffreys I was just running my car audio site trying to survive. During Alex coaching video sessions I learned that it was possible to reach out of my comfort zone and change my mind set for meaningful goals for my family and business. I always new I could be a Internet marketer but Alex pushed the right buttons and made it happen. I now am thinking of creating software that i never thought was achievable. We have a new twitter software coming out and a SEO software that will be some of the best software in 2009. And this would have never been possible without Alex Jeffreys’ coaching program which I highly endorse and recommend to new marketers who need a swift kick to get ahead.

Vincent Craine


The Marketing with Alex Coaching Program is a comprehensive course that covers everything you need to know about building a list and driving traffic to your site. It’s impossible not to be swept up in Alex’s enthusiasm as he guides you through the step-by-step process of building a list, gleaned from his own experience and success in internet marketing and affiliate marketing. His lessons are thought out, well planned, his bonuses numerous and his contact info is excellent. You are not left twisting in the wind, waiting for an answer.



Alex’s Coaching has increased the traffic to my website by hundreds of hits per day. I want to thank Alex for all his help during the coaching program. It has really turned my business around.

Bob Allison


It’s been nice to have found a genuine and a dedicated coach who has tried his best to overdeliver and has over delivered. Keep it up Alex and I think next time round you will do more better! Learning something is one thing and applying is another, Alex has been a great inspiration to me and has shown me the ropes and the rest is up to me how high I climb or can climb. Thanks for all your support Alex!



Alex jeffreys course has been the best value for money course i have ever bought.
ps – Alex always over delivers and give you more extras:)

Mark Terrell


Being new to Internet Marketing and having Alex Jeffery as a mentor and getting into his coaching program was a steal of a deal. Alex’s coaching program provided us with all modules special speakers and all the bonus and the special extra bonus he gave out, what I got from it was worth five times what I paid. I am for sure on my way to saying show me the money as long as I keep implementing what Alex taught me. Alex any product you come out with, I am in my friend. Your coaching has way exceeded the money value; you have opened my eyes on how to run an online business and keeping me away from the other 95% that fail online.

Thank you for the keys which have provided me to sail on my own online destiny and one that is growing for me now. Your natural teaching abilities made it so simple to follow and the way you cared about us I truly felt you wanted us all to succeed. Where did you get all of that energy from, each of the seven module’s went for six to eight hours long and that is not including the bonus modules. Alex I personally want to thank you for all the time and energy you gave to me and for opening the door for me and pushing me forward, as well as showing me the way how to build an online business. I wish you and your family all the best I know you will get your Guru Dreams because you deserve it more than anyone else. Thank you for caring about all your students. I can’t wait to meet you one day and to shake your hand a give you a hug and buy you a beer. Your coaching program meant more to me then what I can say in words you deserve it all Alex To you! Cheers mate and take care.
P.S Thanks again for all you have shown me and did for me I honestly feel I owe you more then what I paid for the coaching program.

Thomas Loughran


Alex is high speed. Besides the course itself, there is much to learn watching how Alex takes you along in the course. He keeps surprising us with more and more.

Scott Thrall



I already had an income from a web-based business but it wasn’t until I did Alex’s program that I began to make dollar sales in the internet marketing niche at Thanks Alex!

Mike Spurgeon


Been at it for more than a year on my own. Finally found a genuine mentor i could trust. Alex lays it all out, gives you the whole truth, and the big picture. Holds your hand, step by step `til ur up and running. And then runs with you!! I’ve now chucked the JOB and focussed on marketingwithalex Maaate, this bloke’s a legend. I’m stickin with Alex!


I am very thrilled to have participated in Alex Jeffreys first coaching program. Alex brings his unique level of energy and excitement to everything he does which is, I think, why myself and many others have gained so much benefit from the training. Alex is a natural motivator which is what most of us need after being mired in all the information we have collected about online business operation. I have to say one of the greatest benefits for me with Alex’s coaching program has been that my motivation level got a recharge, and I’m already a highly self motivated individual. I have taken more focused action during and after the training than I have in a long time.

When someone comes across, as Alex does, as genuinely excited a about what he is doing it is energizing, but when you add to that the fact that he is just as excited about seeing his students succeed it becomes easy to internalize this level of excitement yourself. And this is not a ra-ra excitement, rather something from deep within. If you’ve taken other courses and have not changed your life, this is what was missing! The second major take away for me has been in the area of focus. Alex stresses how planning and focus has such a huge effect on his own success. As he freely describes what he has done with his own business he stresses organization and focus. And finally, you can’t put a price on the associations you develop with the other students, the long term benefits are incalculable.

John Halderman


“This was the best coaching program I have ever went through. I have been through a few prior and wasted hundreds on them. Alex has helped me learn how money is really made on the internet, and I consider him a friend and mentor. I continue to get steady traffic to my sites daily and continue to grow my mailing list one by one. Thanks again Alex”

Matt Cross


Hey Alex, Just wanted to send you a quick email to say thanks for the great coaching. 5 days after the first module I set up my blog and had just over 2000 visits in four weeks! I couldn’t believe it, other sites I had set up before joining your coaching program didn’t receive any! Thanks to your instructions many of those visitors turned into subscribers and my list is still growing. I now have some other sites up and running and using the same techniques you teach in your coaching program they are also doing well. None of this would have been possible without a clear plan and your coaching in this area has been so valuable. Too many other coaching programs don’t even cover this crucial topic, sure you may learn a few tricks but not how to build a business. Thanks to all your hours of coaching (dude, those webinars were long! lol) I now know how to build a highly profitable internet business. Thanks again Alex,

Mark Austin


Alex Jeffreys has taken all of the chaos I’ve learned online and simplified it by making it workable for me. He’s upbeat, fresh, and his energy pumps me up for a day of real work. The coaching program far exceeded my expectations and I’m lucky to have a mentor who “really” cares if I succeed online. Alex helped me to tap into the skills I already possess and to give of my time and talents to those who needed help. In the process, I found many new friends and future business partners. As we work together online, Alex helped us to leverage off of each other’s success. Alex Jeffreys is always looking for new and exciting ways to better his business and as he does, he freely shares it with others. He is definitely one to watch.

Michael J Ottman


Alex’s Coaching Program helps you to understand and apply how to do the big picture of online marketing. You learn what you need to do to just not make some extra cash, but develop a full time business that will make you hundred’s of thousands of dollars. The in depth teaching on business planning is at the core of his teaching and frankly I see no one else teaching this. I never had a blog before the coaching. Now not only do I enjoy blogging, it is giving me a voice to make myself and my business known to many others. The support among Alex’s students helped me make good decisions and experience what it means to part of Social Media. I didn’t have any list when starting Alex’s program. I am close to having hundreds of subscribers now and that is just the beginning. Anything Alex does that you can be a part of, just grab it.

Rob Brooks


Alex is a great guy who just tells it like it is and goes the extra mile to help his students get the best out of his course, his energy and enthusiasm is unreal and time is no problem and will work on for as long as it takes. I have enjoyed the coaching and achieved a lot but am still working to take my knowledge to the next level and start making it pay. Thanks Alex

Tony Rogan


Alex has tremendous enthusiasm and is on the cutting edge of what’s next in Internet Marketing. He seems to really care about the success of his students and he over delivers in his Marketing with Alex Coaching Program. If he ever opens this up again, don’t waste another minute, sign up now!

Craig Maxwell


I have been a subscriber to various online marketing courses and would like to make it known that where actual value for money is concerned the Alex Jeffreys course has scored 20 out of 10. If you are looking for enthusiastic tutoring Alex is your man. He just exudes excitement about his topic and you can see that his enthusiasm is genuine and not manufactured for the purpose of making money for him. If Alex does the course again don’t hesitate, dive in with both feet and at least one hand to enter the card details onto the screen, you won’t regret the decision I promise you.



1) Alex is the real deal … a straight-shooter walking the talk;

2) Alex delivers what he says … and more; and

3) Alex is destined to be powerful force in the Web 2.0 world.

Carl Kukec


The one thing that sets Alex Jeffreys apart from all the other “Experts” is he tells it all. Alex prides himself in his accomplishments but also shares step by step how he has become so successful. Failure is not an option when Alex is your Coach! In my opinion Alex gets five stars!

Debbie Cheon


Marketing with Alex has been a tremendous journey! I have learned so much about Internet Marketing When I see Alex Jeffreys in my inbox I can’t wait to hear what he has to say! Thanks Alex.

Sally Cevasco


Alex gave more than required and he continues to give. He helped me to “re-focus” I think Alex gave each person in his program exactly what they needed and it has been a pleasure to know him.

Cindy Parker


What did the coaching programme do for me? well first off it made me take Action in a big way, it taught the How’s, how to upload a website, how to set up a blog, how to get an autoresponder and most of all how to PLAN. I consider myself as knowledgeable now, I’m not afraid to change web sites, build new ones. Alex’s coaching course is the best investment I have made, and boy have I invested in some C**p in the past, like most of us have. Alex is my mentor, he treats us all as friends and his enthusiasm is infectious, if you really want to learn Internet Marketing then get on Alex’s next course I guarantee you will not be disappointed.

Al Vaughan


I started the Marketing With Alex Coaching Program with a specific goal in mind, which was to start my own coaching and mentoring program. Planning and attitude were my most important takeaways from the program. I learned how to plan and developed the attitude of taking action every day to make the plan happen. In just four weeks after Alex’s official coaching finished, I launched my Internet Business Coaching & Mentoring Program.

Eoin O’Leary


Hey Alex , Marketing with Alex Coaching Course is a revelation and it has helped me to take action and implement an online business with a genuine proven method and strategies that you have used and tested. This course has also been life changing for me and I’m sure it will be for others who will join you soon on your next coaching course. What I like to say to them is that: they’ll be missing a rare golden opportunity by not joining your course and I’m glad I didn’t miss my chance. Furthermore, the price that you are offering it at, simply does not justify this course’s true value, the effort and dedication as well as the extra mile of support that you are constantly and consistently providing.

Overall, Alex, your “Marketing with You” course is simply unbelievable and more than worth it’s weight in Gold, and thanks again for providing such an impressive and wonderful course. Best Regards

Nigel Yip


Alex Jeffreys’ Coaching Course was a real eye-opener for me! It was clear from day one why previously I had struggled for so long trying to making money online. Alex personally taught me that `positioning’ and `leverage’ were the keys to long-term success and his course mapped out a strategy on how to go about building a successful business. And WOW did it work! The one night where I made over $300 during the course was fantastic to experience. I know I still have plenty to do and learn, but like Alex like to say – the best way to do this is `Fail Forward Fast’ and that is what I am doing! I am very grateful for everything Alex has taught me. He is a genuine guy who is dedicated to his student’s success and I am very grateful that I had the pleasure to work with him. Thank you Alex.

Garry Parkes


“I found the Alex Jeffreys Coaching Program to be exactly what I needed to jump start and turbo-charge the creation of my online business. Before I joined the coaching program I had previously spent 6 months, going nowhere fast. The coaching program totally re-focused my efforts and I learnt a great deal of highly valuable `insider’ information from some of the top `experts’ in their fields of excellence within internet marketing, including Maria Andros and Andrew Fox. Alex has provided me with with a solid foundation on how to make money on autopilot from internet marketing. I shall be able to achieve financial freedom in the near future as a result of this program. Thanks Alex for totally over-delivering on all counts and exceeding my expectations. Get on the next coaching program if you want to avoid failure and become a success!”

Dave Pumfrey


Although I am still in the very beginning of my online journey if was not for Alex I would not even have the foundation blocks in place. I do not regret spending a single penny on the course. I believe in my plans for the first time.

Andy Beveridge


This coaching course is fast paced and motivated me to take immediate action. Alex gave 200% more than promised. I appreciate how much he cares about how we’re doing with our online business. The bonus modules and guest speakers made the coaching package well worth the price. There is now a community of entrepreneurs who will continue on to develop JV partnerships and friendships as a result of Alex’s coaching course. That is invaluable!

Theresa Mayhew


Over the last month as a result of Alex’s coaching, my website traffic has quadrupled and my subscriber list has grown from literally zero to over 800! Alex has made me throw out all the `mind-garbage’ I had accumulated over the last 2 years of trying to internet market and instilled in me the foundations of business success. I was so impressed, Alex is so helpful and

genuine, he just can’t stop giving value.

Ryan Price

5 Responses to “Alex Jeffreys Reviews: Coaching Student Testimonials”

  1. Harry Crowder Says:

    Hey Alex,

    Just noticed my Video testimonial was not on this page.

    Here it is:

    Thanks again,


    p.s. See YOU in Vegas !!

  2. Richard Moloney Says:


    Reading through the above testimonials I realised that I havent given you one yet so her goes.

    Alex’s coaching was first class he taught ne that to succeed you have to plan what you are going to do and then do it. Don’t put off to tomorrow what you can do today.

    I now have my own e-book “How To Create A Video Using Microsoft PowerPoint” at present being given away from my blog and on three giveaways.

    I will shortly be putting the e-book on under a different title which may be more search engine friendly. This will also allow me to start selling the e-book under its original title whilst still building my list from giving it away.

    Without the coaching program which had a value far in excess of the price charged I would probably still not have a blog or any success in internet marketing at all.

    Alex my thanks to you for your down to earth training style which made it easy to follow along.


  3. Rod Macbeth Says:

    Alex Jeffreys is the Energizer Bunny of Internet Marketing.

    He just keeps giving and giving.

    Choosing him as my mentor was the best choice I’ve made in this business to date.

  4. Rich Cardarelli Says:

    When I ventured into this Mentoring course with Alex, I wasn’t sure what I was going to get out of it.
    On July 6th, after the first Module that Alex had, I knew I had made the right decision, he spent at least 5 hours
    until everyone’s questions were answered. How often do you get that kind of commitment ?.

    Alex is kind of unique, because he loves life, he loves helping people, students, and is sincere about it.

    He has OVERDELIVERED at every point of his coaching, taking time to explain things, giving students confidence
    in their abilities, and willing to help each student one-to-one if need be.

    Why is Alex so successful ?.
    Because he understands people, goes up or down to their level and
    communicates very well with them.

    We have here with Alex, what I think is a unique opportunity to
    dramatically change our lives for the better, because everyone
    has a willingness to help other students, the forum is like no-other.

    Alex is a rising star in Internet Marketing, he has created a rock solid Mentoring course for his students
    filled with tons of information, knowledge, his relationships with other Marketers, his patience
    explaining information he has for students.

    I could go on and on, but if you are looking for the best mentoring course you could get,
    make sure you sign up for Alex’s course, and you will be on your way to success.

    Thanks again Alex, for my opportunity to succeed.

  5. Peter Davies Says:

    As someone who has dabbled in Internet Marketing for some time but never really had a focus on what needs to be done, so never got anything done, I can honestly say that what Alex delivers will give you the sharp focus needed to succeed, particularly when it comes to planning, knowing where you need to spend your time and how to go about it.

    In addition to this, being part of a Coaching Por

    Program like this gives you the opportunity to meet and network with a large community of high calibre like minded people which in itself is an opening for future JV partners and people who can help you move forward. The MWA forum is still active now and a good source of information even though the last coaching finished some time ago – quite rare in my opinion!

    What Alex also has is energy in abundance and the ability to connect with people at all levels so his communication methods are second to none – this is evidenced by the fact that I am still able to absorb information delivered by him at 2 in the morning which is a rare feat for me!

    I am now in a position where most of my list building and traffic processes are in place, once I have earned something substantial from my endeavours I intend applying these to offline businesses outside the IM niche.

    Many thanks Alex for all your good work.

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